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The following Warranty is an agreement between client and Plus-Guard Technology, Inc.

PLUS-GUARD TECHNOLOGY, INC. warrants that it's product, PLUS-GUARD Anti-Soilent, when properly applied, will provide long term resistance against permanent soiling from spots and spills during the warranty period. PLUS-GUARD is a scientifically formulated product engineered to allow  future cleaning of treated fibers with minimal loss of the original look  and presentation . Regular and timely maintenance is required to provide the stated performance of the PLUS-GUARD product. Anything "greasy" or "sticky" not removed by vacuuming must be cleaned.  During the term of this warranty, PLUS-GUARD TECHNOLOGY, INC. will, at no cost to the client, completely re-treat any item previously treated where such treatment has deteriorated as a result of cleaning, abrasion, or usage of any kind.


PLUS-GUARD TECHNOLOGY, INC. recognizes that its product cannot protect all treated fibers 100% against all types of contamination. The cleaning and maintenance instructions supplied by your PLUS-GUARD professional representative must immediately be implemented and fully complied with in order to maximize the effectiveness of the PLUS-GUARD product. This is particularly true where the contaminating material contains alkaline or acidic ingredients such as certain ceramic cleaners, medications, beverages, urine and vomit. These materials can instantly etch the contacted surface. Prompt attention by removal and/or dilution, per cleaning instructions, will minimize the potential damage to the treated fibers. Immediate cleaning response by the client is also required on all types of staining substances; hot beverages (certain teas & coffee brands); food dyes (particularly the reds & yellows) found in mustard, dog foods, and beverages; indelible inks & markers; furniture & wood stains and finishes;  and some wines, etc.


If within the first six (6) months after application, the PLUS-GUARD Anti-Soilent treatment does not provide the performance expressed herein, PLUS-GUARD TECHNOLOGY, INC. reserves the option of either re-treating or refunding the price paid by the client for the treatment .


As part of our service, you are supplied with PLUS-GUARD "MAGIC BLUE" spotting chemical. If, during the first year after the PLUS-GUARD treatment, the client is unable to remove a spot after following the instructions on the "MAGIC BLUE" bottle, PLUS-GUARD TECHNOLOGY, INC. will arrange to have a PLUS-GUARD professional evaluate the problem. The PLUS-GUARD professional will determine during his evaluation if the spot can be removed by the "MAGIC BLUE" or whether the extent of the spotting requires professional cleaning. There is no charge  unless professional cleaning is required.


The foregoing is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed, implied, or statuary. PLUS-GUARD TECHNOLOGY, INC. neither assumes nor authorizes any representative or other person to assume for us any liability in connection with the sale of our products or associated services.


We reserve the right to make changes or improvements in our product without incurring any obligation to similarly alter products previously purchased.


The buyer has the right to bring any action at law or equity to resolve disputes concerning or to enforce the provisions of the warranty.


A buyer of this product and service has the right to on-site services within our market service area during the warranty period. If ineffectiveness exists within the warranty period, the warranty will not expire until the re-treatment has been accomplished. The warranty period will also be extended if the warranty ineffectiveness has not been performed due to delays caused by circumstances beyond the control of the buyer, or if the warranty re-treatment did not remedy the ineffectiveness within ten (10) days after re-treatment was completed. If, after a reasonable number of attempts, the ineffectiveness has not been corrected, the buyer may request a refund subject to deduction of a prorata basis charge. This time extension does not effect the protections or remedies the buyer has under other laws.


This warranty extends only to the original purchaser of PLUS-GUARD's product and service.


This warranty commences on the date the PLUS-GUARD professional treats the client's goods via application of PLUS-GUARD Anti-Soilent. This warranty applies only to PLUS-GUARD TECHNOLOGY, INC's PLUS-GUARD Anti-Soilent treatment, the services of its representatives, and to the particular item treated.

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